wildflower by alecia whitaker

widlflower alecia whitakertitle & author: widlflower by alecia whitaker
series: wildflower (#1)
published by poppy on july 1st, 2014
genres: young adult, contemporary, fiction, romance
pages: 320
format: kindle edition

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the best songs come from broken hearts.

sixteen-year-old bird barrett has grown up on the road, singing backup in her family’s bluegrass band, and playing everywhere from nashville, tennesee to nowhere, oklahoma. one fateful night, bird fills in for her dad by singing lead, and a scout in the audience offers her a spotlight all her own.

soon bird is caught up in a whirlwind of songwriting meetings, recording sessions, and music video shoots. her first single hits the top twenty, and suddenly fans and paparazzi are around every corner. she’s even caught the eye of her longtime crush, fellow roving musician adam dean. with bird’s star on the rise, though, tradition and ambition collide. can bird break out while staying true to her roots?

in a world of glamour and gold records, a young country music star finds her voice.

“i want to tell him that the coke was better in shreveport and then even better in chattanooga and still better in cincinnati. i want to tell him that it was pretty great in des moines, which was the last time our paths crossed, and that here, in kansas city, it will surely be the best i’ve ever had. because as dawn sets our ice-cold coca colas on napkins in front of us, adam looks amazing in his frayed-at-the-collar red-plaid button-down, and because every time i see him, everything around me is a bazillion times better. instead, i shake my head and bite my tongue.”

this book was adorable.

wildflower is the story of bird barrett who plays the fiddle in her family’s bluegrass band, the barrett family band. she’s grown up on the road since they started the band as a way to spend time together as a family after the death of her younger brother and has grown to have a crush on another young singer who is a family friend. one night, bird’s father has a sore throat and is unable to sing at their show so bird fills in for him and after the show, a man from a large music label approaches her.

the book follows bird’s rise into fame as a young country singer and it does it so well. bird got incredibly lucky with her record deal, but after that, her story doesn’t follow the same everything-goes-right-for-the-main-character formula that basically every other book does. yes, she is successful, but it comes at a cost still. between not being able to make some of the choices she wants to for her record label to issues with her family and what her fame means for the band to her publicist setting her up for pr stunts, it was such a great story and the fact that everything didn’t immediately just work out and go perfectly well for bird made it even better.

the road to you, the sequel that continues with bird’s tour wrapping up and her move to los angeles, comes out in june and we’ll have a reiew as well as an interview with alecia whitaker soon!

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